Digital Tracking Specialist


Mission of the Tracking Squad: “Ubiquitous Consumer Tracking to enable Data Driven Decision Making for Optimized Consumer & Commercial Propositions”. You are at the source of the data story, which makes the company more and more data-driven every day across all online platforms (more than 75 in total: web, app, smartTV, appleTV, ...).

You will write tracking requirements to shape the datalayer and firebase with events and parameters. You will set up GTM to send the data to the required endpoints taking into account the privacy consent of the user, test websites and apps their tracking implementation and you work on an architecture that ensures that data quality can be guaranteed.


  • At least 2 years of experience in digital analytics

  • Experience with Snowplow, Google Analytics and GA4, GTM, Server side tag manager and Firebase.

  • Good knowledge of English

  • General knowledge about online advertising channels (Adwords, Facebook Ads, Email, Xandr, ...).

  • You like challenges and can work in a structured way in a chaotic environment

  • You are an analytical and logical thinker who keeps the overview and can dive deep into details

  • You are capable of explaining technical matters clearly to the business

  • You have a strong affinity with and interest in web technology

  • You are a protagonist in harmonizing our data landscape across countries, over departments and through acquisitions.

  • Additional pro:
    • Javascript/frontend development

    • SQL

    • CRO

    • Snowflake

    • AWS

Your key strengths Your must-have knowledge and experience:

  • Proactively initiate tagging in consultation with Belgian and Dutch business stakeholders

  • Contribute to tagging blueprint (unify tagging across all websites, apps, and other platforms)

  • Translate the functional needs of stakeholders into the correct, unambiguous metrics and tags

  • Translating measurement requirements into technical implementation around: video viewing duration measurement, radio listening tracking, reading behavior in articles, ...

  • Inventory of existing metrics, tagging per product

  • Supervising and testing the technical implementation of the standards and requirements.

  • Acquire expert knowledge in the field of tagging (Google Analytics, GTM, Snowplow, Firebase, Gemius) and AB testing (Google Optimize)

  • Provide support to other departments such as Business intelligence, Customer Intelligence, Sales, Marketing, ...


You will be working at a leading media company bustling with fun colleagues.

Like you, they are passionate about digital and offline media and are continuously learning new things from each other and from the best in the trade. You are set out on a journey where every next week will be different from the last, and where you are stimulated on a daily basis to take things to the next level. As a cherry on top, we offer you an interesting salary package and corresponding benefits (company car, group and health insurance, 32 days of paid leave, a renowned company restaurant, ...