Edge Services Developer


About DPG Media IT

We are the IT craftsmen behind the digital products of all the media brands of DPG Media and all our internal applications that keep our business running. This means we enable the biggest news & entertainment brands in The Netherlands and Belgium via technology.

· Discovering the agile culture in the media industry.

· Delivering incremental business value with high quality and high speed as well as providing good support to our customers, is what we do.

More than 500 colleagues work from Antwerp, Vilvoorde, Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Hoofddorp. We believe the unit of delivery is the team. We want to mobilize all the brainpower we can and therefore try to organize our work environment without unnecessary levels and hierarchies, pigeon holes or marching orders to simply be executed.

Within the large IT department of DPG Media, Edge Services will be part of the Group IT Area. This means Edge Services will span the whole organization (all countries,NL/BE/DK, and business units) and creates a complexity you will have to deal with as part of your job. Unifying different requirements and toolings to one service platform is the core of Edge Services. We are active in both The Netherlands and Belgium but our core team is based in Antwerp.

You’ll join a team where you will work on everything that is related to Edge Services. Together, you will brainstorm on how to facilitate and manage our IT infrastructure that lives beyond our own perimeter. Infrastructure that fronts our Web Application & Infrastructure/Platforms which mainly runs on the internet. The goal of the Edge Services team is to build and maintain a centralized platform to make the described domains self-serviceable for both our numerous it-teams and business units. At the same time the platform will provide a digital asset database that can serve as base for many other services and execute on full end-to-end responsibility.


As a Edge Services Engineer you will :

· Master one or more of the Edge domains / services

· Use existing API’s and create new API’s to open-up services to IT-teams and Business Units

· You’ll helefine and refine solutions to problems in close collaboration with our business stakeholders

· Develop a software of our software platforms (including automated tests, deploy pipelines, cloud infrastructure, ...) as well as.

· Communicate with application teams to learn how they can leverage Edge Services to increase their productivity

· Take operational responsibilities within your Edge domains: reporting, request and incident response

· Keep an eye on cost-effectiveness and security measures with the Edge Services team and other IT-teams

· Centralized and Automated Management Domain names +10K domains

· Centralized and Automated Management Public DNS API driven

· Custodian Content Delivery Network, AKAMAI CDN (25pb served monthly)

· Second Line and operational support Web Application Firewall

· Digital Public Asset Management


Your Strengths

· Knowledge of Domain Name protocols

· Knowledge of DNS from an operational perspective

· Knowledge of Content Delivery Networks (preferably Akamai)

· Knowledge of Web Application Firewall (preferably Akamai)

· Knowledge of AWS Cloud Infrastructure (most tooling is built on AWS infrastructure)

· Knowledge of API architecture

· Strong communication skills

· Proactive

· Result-oriented

· You work in a very structural way and have the ability to add structure

· Strong own opinion, but must be open to vision, prioritisation, ... of DPG IT and the different stakeholders

· Agile experience working in a scrum team

· Ability to work in a team with people from all backgrounds

What we offer you

  • Continuous deployment and automated testing are some of our core beliefs and we’ve moved to the cloud (AWS) with no intention of turning back. We also strongly believe in autonomous and self-managing teams, so you get a lot of say in how you want to work or what you want to improve.
  • You will be working at a leading media company bustling with fun colleagues. Like you, they are passionate about digital and offline media and are continuously learning new things from each other and from the best in the trade. You are set out on a journey where every next week will be different from the last, and where you are stimulated on a daily basis to take things to the next level.
  • You get the opportunity to keep reinventing yourself in an environment where continuous learning is the benchmark. All of this through trainings (internal and external), guild meetings, online courses, experiments,... You decide where the journey takes you, with maximum support from us!